Oval Labels Digital Stickers


Oval label digital stickers are great to level up basic spreads while digital planning. Not only do they provide a functional benefit when planning, but they add a fun, aesthetic vibe! Available in a hyperlinked digital sticker book (GoodNotes only) for ease as well as individual PNGs, and a pre-made GoodNotes Elements collection to save you time and headache. Instantly access your digital stickers.

Included with purchase

◦ Individual digital stickers (PNG) for non-GoodNotes users
◦ Digital stickers in a precropped (.GoodNotes) sticker book for GoodNotes users
◦ Premade (.collection) GoodNotes Elements collection
◦ Bonus hand-drawn stickers to add fun & flair

[230 total stickers]

Shop policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds or exchanges will not be provided for any reason. Please double-check your cart before purchase.