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  • Apple iPad Pro

    M2 iPad Pro 12.9"

    My go-to iPad model. I love the larger screen. It's my main device.

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  • Apple Magic Keyboard

    Magic Keyboard

    Love using the keyboard and trackpad combo with the iPad

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  • Apple Pencil Second Generation

    Apple Pencil

    Impossible to use the iPad without the Apple Pencil in my opinion!

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  • Paperlike screen protector for iPads

    Paperlike Screen Protector

    Another crucial accessory for my iPad for writing and drawing!

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  • An Apple Pencil grip from Uppr

    Apple Pencil Grip

    With long periods of writing, this grip helps minimize hand fatigue

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  • An Apple Pencil sleeve from Uppr

    Apple Pencil Sleeve

    Similar to the grip, but available as a full sleeve

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