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We're crushing those 'ol stereotypes about tech being complicated and a creativity-sucker. Grab your iPad and let's talk about how you can bring your art, your plans, or your ideas to life -- digitally!
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I'm Kirstin. Hint: Call me K if you want to be BFFs! I am the iPad, Apple Pencil, and hands (and face!) behind KDigitalStudio

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I wear all the hats! When you purchase from or engage with KDigitalStudio, you're interacting with me. Love that!

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Your iPad has untapped potential. I am here to show you how to leverage its power for your creativity & productivity.


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KDigitalStudio was formed in November 2018 for the purpose of creating fun & trendy digital planners. Digital planning wasn’t a household name then, so we grew quickly. To increase awareness of digital planning, I filmed several tutorials: the most popular being the How to Make a Digital Planner tutorial, which has amassed over half a million views alone. Here at KDigitalStudio we are known for making the switch to digital easy and encouraging others to create a system to conquer overwhelm & spend more time creating rad things on their iPad.
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