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It’s a planner for your iPad or tablet! A digital planner is just like a paper planner but instead of paper, it is a PDF file (which stands for portable document format). In other words? A digital planner is simply a more portable version of a paper planner. They are coded with these things called hyperlinks, which allow you to tap the tabs, buttons, text, etc., to jump between the pages of the planner. The planners can then be imported into apps that allow you to ‘mark up’ PDF files. You’re probably already familiar with Adobe Reader (like on your computer), but you can import PDFs into apps like GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and others.

In addition to your iPad/tablet, it is very beneficial to have an Apple Pencil/stylus (possibly a keyboard, if you prefer to type) and basic knowledge of your preferred note-taking app (whether it is GoodNotes, Notability, etc).

What you do in your digital planner will not sync to any calendar app.

iPad models that are still receiving software updates from Apple is recommended. For a list of devices currently being supported by the latest software, please visit this list.

KDigitalStudio digital planners are not compatible with Microsoft OneNote.

Yes. While an iPad is recommended for the best digital planning experience, digital planners can be used in compatible apps on Android as well.

Most apps have a reading mode that you must enter to click the links. Alternatively, you can long-press and click "Open Link" in GoodNotes.

First, make sure you are in reading mode or alternatively, long-press and click "Open Link" to navigate your digital planner. If you are in reading mode, digital planner hyperlinks will break if you delete pages. Thus, it is recommended to never delete pages. You will need to recover the pages from the trash bin or redownload & import a fresh copy of the planner.

Please be sure that you are only importing compatible file types for the app you are using. In general, zip files are incompatible and will need to be unzipped prior to importing your files.

A POSIX error is generated by Apple when there is not a strong enough Internet connection to unzip files. Please use a stronger Internet connection or mobile hotspot to unzip your files.

Check out this video to learn how to install fonts on your iPad.

At this time, I do not accept or take on custom requests or commissions. Because I am only one person, along with the amount of time it takes to create a digital planner, I am only willing to consider work-for-hire by larger companies & brands that will feel the greatest impact from my work.

Due to the digital nature of the shop, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any reason. Please double-check your cart before placing an order.

If you're using Google as your email client, please first check your Spam or Promotions folders. Alternatively, you can create a KDigitalStudio shop account to login and (re)download your purchase(s). Please make sure the email you used to make the purchase is the same email you use to create a shop account.

This is because you purchased Cyberry on Etsy. Unfortunately, Etsy does not allow me to use your email address to grant you access to the Community. To fix this, submit a support ticket with your order number from Etsy and that you'd like to be granted access to the Community. With Cyberry 2023 launching soon, we shouldn't run into this issue :)

If you purchased from KDigitalStudio before August 2022, then you will not be able to re-download your past purchases from email. Reach out to support, so we can manually add your digital downloads to your account. While you wait for support to get back to you, click "Register" at the top right of this page to setup an account on KDigitalStudio, so you can login at any time to redownload your past and future purchases from us.