iPad Pro 11" vs iPad Pro 12.9"

iPad Pro 11" vs iPad Pro 12.9"

Now that you’ve settled on purchasing the iPad Pro, you’re faced with the challenge of what size: 11” or 12.9”. As someone who’s been lucky enough to use both for note-taking, watching videos, reading, design work, and editing, I’m here to talk about all the points you should consider before choosing a size. Not only will this likely save you money, but you might surprise yourself with what size you will actually need and like using.




Note: I won’t be considering the different models of the iPad. I’m only going to assume here that you are set on purchasing the Pro model. So eliminating all other factors, we are able to focus solely on the size and the factors that go into choosing one size over the other.



As with most things, the difference in screen size comes with a price — and no small one, I mean we are talking about Apple here, right? The 11” iPad Pro is $200 USD cheaper than the 12.9”. If that’s no issue, then this point won’t matter all that much — perhaps you’re deciding whether that $200 extra is worth the bigger screen. That brings us to…



I had to throw this point in here because it seems like a moderately big debate — comparing the Pros at least. Personally, I think it’s the point you should consider the least. Of course, the iPad Pro 12.9” is a little bigger (duh!), but we’re comparing a 1.9” difference in size… not 3-4” in size. There has never been a situation where I could not take out my 12.9” because it was “too big,” and I never thought to myself that I should bring my 11” over my 12.9” because of its smaller size.



Instead one of the most important points you should consider is pertinence. What do you envision using the iPad Pro for? Are you using it as a consumption device? Watching Netflix and YouTube? Only want it for note-taking and reading for classes? Need it to design a project or two? It sounds dramatic, but I knew, after working for hours on my 11” iPad Pro, that I would enjoy designing on a larger screen — and I was right. I have a more enjoyable experience and feel more inclined to get work on done my 12.9”. Regardless, the Pros all do the same thing. I ran my business from my 11” and used it for heavy design work. And at this point, it really comes down to…



Do you feel swayed to one particular size? What does your gut say? Despite loving my 11” iPad Pro, I knew deep down I was longing to work on the larger 12.9” and with how much content I was creating, I knew (coming back to that first point) that the extra $200 USD would be worth it. And easy way to see how biased you are to one size (you know deep down you are!), force yourself into making a decision (not permanently though, we do have limited funds, right?). If I told you that you have to get the 11” iPad Pro, are you coming up with excuses why you should get the 12.9”? Any ifs, ands, or buts? Or do you find yourself agreeing and justifying my telling you to get the 11”? Listen to yourself.




Choosing what size to get is difficult — I get that. Hopefully this helped you consider more than just the technical side of things — I mean you’ll be spending money, so why not spend money on something you know you want deep down, ya feel? Choose a size that not only gets the job done and that you’re able to pay for, but also one that makes you happy and excited to use!


Still need help deciding? Watch my YouTube video dedicated to choosing the right size for you!

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