Extreme Office Studio Makeover & Transformation

Extreme Office Studio Makeover & Transformation

I am so excited to reveal the full makeover & transformation of the Office Studio for KDigitalStudio. I knew that a gorgeous office space was going to be priority after my move. If you remember from my last videos over on YouTube, the former office studio was an awkward little alcove in my 500 square-foot college apartment.

Now, I am living in a bigger and brighter space, which means a bigger and bright office + studio combo. The new space has just enough room for my two desks (one for computer work and the another desk for filming) plus gorgeous IKEA Kallax shelves to store all my equipment and files.

I’ll do my best to include links for everything if you spot something that will work well in your own space.


What’s even cooler about the move-in and makeover process for the new office studio is that I used the digital home planner by KDigitalStudio to make it happen. Prior to moving in, I had a vision board for the office. I had a pretty firm idea of how I wanted the office to look and feel before ever stepping into the space to see it with my own eyes. Lucky for me, the visions on my vision board became a reality.



There was only three things I had on my list of things to get to make the office studio transformation a success — everything else, I already had! Once move-in day was here and furniture was scheduled for delivery, I went to work mapping out the floor plan of the room that was soon to serve as the office studio space.

What’s great about the digital Home Planner is the 3D perspective and bird’s eye views, meaning I can map out the measurements of any given space or figure out how I want things arranged on a wall! Using the bird’ eye / floor plan spread in the Home Planner, I was able to map out how and where I wanted furniture arranged in the office without ever having to move all the heavy pieces in different arrangements to figure it all out.



With help from the Home Planner, I got to work arranging the furniture and putting up wallpaper. It actually took 4-5 days to get my entire office together because I was busy moving and transforming other rooms in my new place too. But I am so glad that I took more time to get the office studio together because I was very intentional about everything I brought into the space. I didn’t want this space to feel cluttered — visually or physically. And I wanted this space to be one where I could work long days or nights in if I wanted to.

So let’s get into the details of where everything is from!


The shelf

White 4x4 shelf

Wicker baskets (11” x 13“)

Acrylic files holder

White hanging file folders


Pop filter

Laptop stand

Wooden tree slab


Clock — a gift

Ring light

Typewriter keyboard

Teal keyboard



The desk



Letter board

Desk lamp

Phone gooseneck stand

Wrist rest/mouse pad

Decorative letter K — DIY’ed by me!

Pencil pouch

Apple Pencil stand

Desk chair

iPad Pro 2021

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil grip


Curtain rod

Foot rest

White desk — DIY’ed by me (thanks Facebook marketplace!)


The filming area

Standing desk

Tabletop rig

Magic arm

RGB light

Microphone boom arm

Microphone shock mount

Bulletin board

Studio soft box light

Camera tripod


Yin Yang wall decoration — handmade gift



I am so happy with how the office studio space turned out, and I am so eager to spend all my days in here creating really rad and wicked cool content for KDigitalStudio. The new space is bigger and brighter. And I don’t feel crammed and uninspired like I did in the last space. I know future videos will benefit from the new space as well, and it was fun incorporating the digital Home Planner to maximize the space — in size and in decoration.



For now, I’ll only be here for a year. My big goal for 2022 is to purchase a home. And I’m sure I’ll use the Home Planner then too to make another dream Office Studio space. But for now, I can’t wait to see what comes out of this magical lil’ space of mine.

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