Digital Planning in OneNote

Digital Planning in OneNote

OneNote has a huge fanbase for a reason — there is so much you can do in the app for taking notes. But what about digital planning?

Learn more about how to get started with digital planning in OneNote. OneNote is a great platform for digital planning because of its ability to sync between so many different devices, regardless of the system meaning that you can have an iPad and sync your digital planners to your Windows computer!

The best part is that you can get access to a free OneNote digital planner to try out and use on your Microsoft account. Just click the button below to gain access to the planner.

  • Be sure to login into your OneDrive personal (not business account).
  • Add the OneNote planner to your notebooks.
  • Create a new notebook and copy and paste the sections from the OneNote planner into the new notebook created.
  • And you now have a OneNote digital planner!


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RECEIVED LINK ALREADY FOR ONENOTE VERSION…. HAVING TROUBLE COPYING and pasting the unedited copy to a new copy in Samsung phone with onenote app? Any special tips aside from the long press to copy tabs/folders?


I would like to peak on the OneNote digital planner, but even though I followed the link, I am not getting any notifications at my email.


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