The Best Mockups for Your Business

The Best Mockups for Your Business

If you’re familiar with my content, you’ve seen time and time again how much utility I get out of mock-ups. I make my own using some pretty basic props, but that’s not always an option if you don’t have props of your own, as well as professional camera equipment and photo-editing software. In fact, KDigitalStudio offers unique mockups for those with a fun + feminine brand. Check them out. But, here are other recommendations for some of the best mock-ups I’ve seen from Creative Market!


10 iPad Pro Photo Mockups

These flat-lay iPad photo mockups from Katsia Jazwinska on Creative Market are stylish, professional, and a little bonus appreciation for our hands, which are, after all, an important part of our setup. This set of mockups could be better for artistic purposes, such as showcasing drawing capabilities, advertisements for how-to-draw courses/videos, or show off your new Procreate brush in-action! Check it out here



Molo - iPad Pro Scene Creator

Equally stylish, less expressly artistic (I know that sounds like I’m throwing shade, but it’s actually a good thing in many contexts), and more professional/streamlined than the last set of mockups. I would use this to showcase certain website/app designs, posters, maybe a file for 3D-printing, or any other professional product or service you might want to showcase for an iPad Pro. Check it out here




iPad Pro Mockups (2018) | PK

If you’re not a fan of the more stylized types of mock-ups and want to get the job done without all the fanfare, here’s a nice, barebones, streamlined, no-nonsense, flat-lay mockup to showcase practically anything for your iPad Pro. The less stylized the mockup is, it tends to be more appropriate for all-purpose use. So if you have many creative projects and want to start out with a good mockup you can use for all of them, something simple and serious like this is a good idea. Check it out here



Boho Mockup Bundle

The contrast between the go-with-the-flow kind of vibe from boho imagery and the rigid sleekness of Apple products is usually quite stark (for obvious reasons), but this Boho Mockup Bundle for iPad and Macbook Pros blends these two different schools of thought together well. So if you need a mockup for professional application that still maintains your laidback business/personal themes, these mockups could serve you well. Check it out here



Device Mockups Bundle

In addition to the tropical backdrops and scenery, this mockup bundle includes mockups for the Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple Watch for all your different device needs. This is similar in application to the previous (boho) mockup bundle, but includes mockups for other devices and goes for a different aesthetic. Check it out here



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