10 of the Best Multi-Use Fonts & An Amazing Font Bundle

10 of the Best Multi-Use Fonts & An Amazing Font Bundle

Hey BFFs! One of the questions I get asked a lot in DMs or YouTube comments is, “what’s your favorite font for [thing]?” The answer varies based on the specific purpose and on what your aesthetic is, but I put a short list together with some of my favorites, plus a font bundle at the end which offers dozens of fonts for practically any application you can imagine!


Analogue- Want to stay modern and stand out while still being professional? Analogue and others like it are a good way to give that classic office-cubicle-businessperson-vibe, while also helping you stand out in a practical and stylish way.




Leah Gaviota- Fun, frilly. If Analogue is a professional font, Leah Gaviota is its fun cousin. Pretty much the opposite of a professional font like Analogue or Times New Roman in all the best ways. Great for bullet journaling, fun graphics, and even note taking, if you’re looking for a more interesting-looking font to capture your attention. This one comes with a few variations: “double,” “bold,” “script,” and “thin.”



Lost Lovers- True to its name, this is a creative font that hints at romance, fantasy, and adventure. Great for anything related. Wedding invitations, D&D (or other tabletop rpg) campaign props, planning/journaling romantic events or ideas are a few possibilities that come to mind. Plus it kinda reminds me of the Princess Bride, so I had to add it to this list.



Peachy- If you know my content, you know I love retro fonts! Speaks for itself. Overall, a fun, funky, and overall gorgeous font that would be great for graphics, logos, a journal with retro themes, and practically anything else you can think of where you have creative freedom.



Culture- Very metropolitan vibes and applications. Obviously created with the intention of being used to create magazine covers, you can imagine the eye-catching graphics you could create with this font. Chic, sleek, and neat.



Hunter- Another sleek professional font, this time with a bit of an extra flair. You can choose to have the ligatures (the little connecting lines) on or off. I like them, and I can see this used for business cards, logos, wedding invitations, and give a nice smooth flow between certain pairs of letters.



Charming Lines- Charming lines may also look familiar to you if you’ve seen much of my content. This is a lively little script-style font with a cursive or print options. Both are, as it says, quite charming, and gave a boho feel to them. Both are great for planners and journaling and have a happy vibe.



Lemonado- It’s a bit ironic for a font most likely used on an iPad to have a “rustic” vibe, but this one certainly does. Aptly named “lemonado,” you might imagine seeing this script on a sign for a lemonade stand, or labels on jars of fruit preserves. It’s a nice, mature, handwritten script that denotes the hard work you put into your creative projects or anything else you might use it for. Just look at it and how cute it is :)



Bonjour- Want even *more* motivation to travel? A nice calligraphic font like this one is sure to get you in the mood to plan a trip, compile photos of all your top destinations, learn the essential vocabulary for tourists to know, and eventually book those plane tickets!



Girl Boss- Can I be any more on-the-nose with these picks? Probably not. Another all-purpose favorite calligraphy script, this one is equally elegant, but connotes stylish business savvy, or even musical talent (very rock ‘n roll-esque, if you ask me).



Spectacular Collection Big Bundle- Feeling overwhelmed with all the different types of fonts and their sometimes niche purposes? Good news, as a fellow indecisive person, I recognize the importance of versatility. Thus, here’s a great font bundle with 500 options- a discount of more than 99% off the total! There are plenty of fonts similar to the ones above, and nearly every other type of typeface you can imagine. So if you’re having commitment issues with a font you found, you should get the bundle and try an assortment of similar ones. Just take a look; there are so many great fonts, that I couldn’t pick just a few to showcase the great value of what you’re getting for the price of just one font.



P.S. If you missed the font bundle sale, you might want to check into getting an All-Access subscription to Creative Fabrica! From now until June 13, 2021, you can pay only $1 a month for over a million beautiful fonts and graphic elements. The best part is your subscription will renew for $19 a month, instead of the usual $29 a month. I wouldn’t mention this if I didn’t think it was a great deal and as someone who uses a ton of fonts and graphic elements, I wanted to share this with you!


Anyway, happy font shopping!

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