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If you’re looking for how to get started with digital planning (or hey, maybe you’re wondering if
it’s even right for you), I made a free 10-page guide for getting started!

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Learn how to create and design numerous digital products (including digital planners!) without a background in graphic design, using free programs and tools.


Our flagship digital planner offers the look and feel of an app but with the ease of customizing it for your needs. Earn rewards and connect with a community.


Only want to learn about creating digital planners? Dig deep with my class over on Skillshare. Learn something new, expand your skillset, and get creative — digitally!

The K in KDigitalStudio

I’m a digital creator, iPad artist, and tech enthusiast. I produce video content and intuitive tools that help you embrace a creative lifestyle — digitally! I did the heavy-lifting, so you can focus on diving into your digital planner and pursuing new goals or creative pursuits.

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Helpful Tutorials

I spent several hours yesterday browsing various digital planners before I found KDigitalStudio. I love it so much! The tutorials were helpful too, and I learned more about my iPad even though I had it for years. Can't wait to get organized!

- Rebekah

Attention to Detail

K puts a lot of thought into producing her products and it shows! This is the only planner I use, and I am a big fan of her YouTube channel and all her digital products. If you want the best, use KDigitalStudio.

- Pamela


Just binge-watched almost all your videos!! Love them!! I recently got an iPad, and I'm trying to go all digital so your videos have been super useful. I've even recommended them to some of my friends. Keep up the awesome work!

- Racheal

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