Introducing Cyberry 2023

2023 Cyberry Digital Planner


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Cyberry digital planner offers the look and feel of an app but with the customization, stylus to tablet-feel of a traditional digital planner. Earn rewards to further customize your Cyberry digital planner and connect with a community of other Cyberry users. It features a minimal, but beautiful design that compliments your preferred app and tablet, creating an even more seamless digital planning experience. Dated for 2023, but start planning right away with the included Cyberry Mini, which is dated for Nov-Dec 2022.


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Included with purchase

⚡️ Planner Files ⚡️
◦ 2023 dated Sunday start
◦ 2023 dated Monday start
◦ 2022 dated sample Sunday start (Cyberry Mini)
◦ 2022 dated sample Monday start (Cyberry Mini)

🎁 Bonus!
◦ Precropped .goodnotes sticker file [GoodNotes users only]
◦ Elements collections [GoodNotes users only]
◦ Individual PNG files
◦ Planner covers
◦ App icons
◦ An exclusive invitation to join the Cyberry Community

Shop policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds or exchanges will not be provided for any reason. Please double-check your cart before purchase.


Customer Reviews

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How it works

Add to your cart and download your rockin' new digital planner

Import the planner into your favorite note-taking app, such as GoodNotes or Noteshelf! Don't forget to go into reading mode 😉

Plan your dream life and what you have goin' on!

Join the Community and connect with us over planning livestreams, challenges, free downloads, and more!

Got questions?

Is Cyberry an app?

Nope! Just looks like one. It functions as an interactive, hyperlinked digital planner.

Are light and dark mode included in one purchase?

No, you will need to choose between either light or dark mode. If you like both, get both (I'd love you for it)!

Are Monday and Sunday start included in one purchase?

Yes! No need to make that decision at check-out.

Should I get portrait or landscape?

It all comes down to personal preference. Cyberry really shines in landscape, but I recommend choosing a planner orientation based on which orientation you use your iPad/tablet the most.

Is there a sample where I can try the planner?

There is not a free sample to try. But there is a "mini" version of Cyberry that includes Nov-Dec 2022, so you can start planning right away if you'd like!

How does the Cyberry Community work?

There is more information available to you after purchase for joining the Community if you'd like. In short, you'll create an account and have 24/7 access to tutorials, free downloads in our Library, livestreams, challenges, group chats, and much more! It is also available as an app that you can download on your phone/iPad to always stay connected.

How do I join the Cyberry Community?

If you purchased Cyberry, you will gain access to the Cyberry Community. On the very first page of your download sheet (the same sheet where you will download your files), click "The Community." There will be instructions and a button to click for how to join.

dark mode disclaimer:

Dark mode planners may exhibit a “flash” when used in certain applications when jumping to different pages. This does not occur in all PDF, note-taking apps. A flash is known to occur in GoodNotes. Please keep this in mind if you use GoodNotes. KDigitalStudio is NOT be responsible for any issues you have with “flashing” in dark mode planners as this is dependent on the app you use.